Michell’s Cats

This is a blog that I hope will help find homes for ten cats that were part of the household of a remarkable lady, Michell Bond.

Please click on the Recent Posts link entitled “A Loss to Us All” to read about Michell.

The other links are names of the cats that need homes. I’ve put a picture of each of the cats along with a description.

If you are able to help by adopting one or more of these cats, please leave a comment, email me at barryingram@mac.com or call/text at (225) 385-9018.  These cats have been indoor cats ever since they were rescued and MUST remain indoor cats for the rest of their life.

UPDATE: All of Michell’s cats found homes!!!
They are all happy and healthy. In fact, I just heard about Miss Emily a day ago, and she was sleeping in the bed with her new family while he watched television.

William was initially placed with a lady who said she knew how to express a cat. Jim, our friend that found the home, went to visit a few days after she adopted him, and he didn’t feel comfortable. So, I said I would give William a home. Jim had a crew make my back porch “cat-escape proof” and they moved William there. William was always a sweet cat, but, my God, how much he has blossomed. He is such a loving and sweet cat, to put up with what I have to do to him twice a day, and still have that much love and affection for me. I don’t think the lady that initially adopted him subjected him to any abuse, but it is clear that he really must have wanted to be with me. I think I got the better of the deal.

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