Blackie Parrish (special-needs cat)

Blackie Parrish

This is Blackie Parrish. If you are a long-time fan of the soap “General Hospital”, you’ll get the name.  He is a neutered male cat, approximately two years old.  He appeared in Michell’s yard about nine months ago.  He was full-grown, but we believe he wasn’t much more than a year old.  He was wary and skittish.  He hung around, but wouldn’t let us get close enough to pet him.  One day, about six months ago, Michell found him in her back yard, lying on his side, unresponsive and close to death.  A wonderful friend, Jim, took him to the emergency clinic.  The vet determined he was dehydrated and suffering from an infection.  He was treated and given excellent care. Eventually, he recovered fully.  They also determined he was FIV-positive.  Neither Michell nor I had an inside room to put him in, so he boarded at the vet until about three weeks ago.  After Michell died, we worked to clear out a spare room so that Blackie could come home.  In the time at the vet, either Michell or I visited several times a week. He lost all fear of people and became a loving and sweet cat.  When I brought him to Michell’s and put him in the room, you could tell he was so happy to have a place bigger than a 3 x 3 cage, and have a litter box bigger than a shoe box to go in.  He talks to me through the door, wondering what is so important that I can’t come in right now and pet him.  He loves to be petted, chirps and purrs constantly, and loves for me to lie down on the floor with him so he can rub on me and bonk heads. He eats well, and in fact, got somewhat overweight while boarding at the vet. I’m limiting his food so he can lose a little weight. He shows no signs of the FIV, but I understand that it can remain dormant for years.  While at the vet he had a few bouts with diarrhea, but the vet put him on a powder supplement that (fingers crossed) seems to have cleared that up.

He hasn’t really interacted with other cats or dogs, so I don’t really know how he would react if he shared his home with one.

If you adopt Blackie Parrish, you MUST agree to keep him as an indoors-only cat.


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