William (special-needs cat)


William, a/k/a Wil, a/k/a Willie the Snitch is a neutered male cat, approximately five years old.  He is very much a special-needs cat that can only go to a home that is willing to put in the time and attention that this wonderful cat needs.

This is his story.  About five years ago, he showed up in Michell’s yard as a teenage kitten.  He was a friendly kitten and, as soon as he was old enough, we got him neutered. One day, a few months after that, we saw that he was lethargic and his tail was dragging the ground.  We took him to the vet immediately, who told us that he had been attacked or was in an accident.  Somehow, he sustained an injury to his backside that made it where he couldn’t urinate or defecate on his own anymore. The vet (and note, we have never allowed her to see another animal again) recommended that we put him to sleep.  MIchell and I thought that was the worst idea ever.  Another vet at that office showed us how to express his bladder and help him to defecate by squeezing near his rectum.  So, for five years, twice a day, we “tag-teamed” and helped him do his business.  After Michell died, I boarded William at another vet, until things settled down enough to bring him back to Michell’s house.  The vet gave me tips on expressing him myself, the most important of which was to express him on a table.  In all the five years that Michell and I have been helping him go, and in the time that I’ve been doing it myself, the worst William has done is growl and hiss.  Within 47/100 of a second of being released after expressing him, he forgets about the whole awful procedure and becomes the sweetest, most cheerful cat ever.   He loves for me to lay down on my back and he’ll get on me, make biscuits, and usually curl up to go to sleep.  The worst part of that is when it is time for me to get up and I have to, sadly and with great reluctance, dump him off.

William’s bladder and bowels must be expressed twice a day.  This requires a very special person willing to put in the time and effort  to take care of William’s needs.  Twice a day, no exceptions, no skipping.

William seems to be cautious around other cats, and sort of “meh” around dogs.

If you adopt William, you MUST agree to keep him as an indoors-only cat.


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