Hillary (special-needs cat)


Hillary is a spayed female cat, approximately ten years old  She’s a beautiful silver marble tabby with the big, fat tabby stripes.  She showed up in Michell’s yard about nine years ago, as a fully grown, but young cat.  At that time, Michell had a spare room and took her in.  She’s usually a sweet cat, loves to be petted.  However, if approached from the front with your hand up to pet her, she’s liable to swat at you.  We think someone may have hit her from the front.  If you approach her with your hand from the top (above the head) or sides, she’ll let you pet her without incident, and, in fact, loves the attention and will purr loudly.

About three years ago, during a checkup, the vet told us that Hillary was diabetic and we’d have to give her insulin shots twice a day.  Michell became an expert at holding Hillary – but nothing serious; she never had to put her in a “death grip”, just mildly hold her scruff – and I became an expert at giving insulin shots.  The last checkup she had, about six months ago, the vet checked her blood sugar and said it was perfectly normal.  He said we could stop with the insulin shots, so we did.  She has been perfectly healthy since then.  I don’t know anything about diabetes, but I figure it is possible that it would recur, and she would have to go on insulin again.  I describe her as a “special-needs” cat because of the possibility she might have to start taking insulin shots again.

Hillary is curious of other cats that come to her door, but I don’t know if she would get along with other cats. She hasn’t been around dogs, so that is a question mark as well.

If you adopt Hillary, you MUST agree to keep her as an indoors-only cat, and acknowledge that if her diabetes recurs, you might have to give her insulin injections.


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