Tinker, a/k/a Tinkertoy, a/k/a Tinkertoy T. Snigglepuss is a neutered male cat, about eleven years old. He was rescued as a kitten from the area around what is now Bayou Bistro in Brusly, Louisiana.  His tail was dragging the ground, so Michell and I scooped him up to take him to the vet.  He sustained a severe trauma to his backside. The vet thought he’d been hit by a car, or maybe hit by some subhuman monster with a bat or club.  He ended up losing his tail, which didn’t bother him one bit.  In fact, he thinks other cats are disadvantaged because they do have a tail.  He is an energetic, loving, talkative cat.  He’ll follow you around and talk to you until you pet him.  He loves attention, loves to be picked up and held, and loves to play, either with you, or with his adopted sister, Colette.  Tinker doesn’t mind dogs and would most likely get along with other cats.

If you adopt Tinker, you MUST agree to keep him as an indoors-only cat.


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