A Loss to Us All

On November 7, 2014, Michell Bond, my dear friend of many years, died.  She left behind a legacy of extraordinary love for animals, and lived with ten cats and two dogs.  I am adopting the dogs, however, there are ten cats that need to find homes.  I will be posting pictures and descriptions of these cats.  If you want to adopt one (or more), or know someone who does, please get in touch with me.  You can leave a comment here, or email me at barryingram@mac.com, or call or text me at (225) 342-4483.

Here is her obituary:

N. Michell Bond passed away on Friday, November 7, 2014 after a brief illness at age 67. Born Nancy Michell, she was widely known as Michell Bond for many years. She was preceded in death by her husband, James C. Bond, Jr., and by her parents, Norman and Mary Catherine (Parrish) Michell. She is survived by her dogs Agatha and Sailor, her cats, and “flutterbird”, the survivors of a long line of rescued animals. Michell was born in New Orleans, had close family ties to New Orleans, and attended and graduated from St. Joseph’s Academy in Baton Rouge in 1965. She also graduated from LSU with a degree in criminal justice. Michell worked for the State of Louisiana and retired after 36 years of service. She worked for many years for the Secretary of State, and her last position was with the Louisiana Department of Insurance, where she worked her way up to become the Director of the Fraud Division. She also earned the designation of Certified Fraud Examiner. After retirement, she went on to get her Private Investigator’s license, and assisted various law enforcement agencies and others in need. Michell was well known in and around the State Capitol building, and had many friends from all walks of life. She could be seen daily at the Capitol Lake, feeding ducks and geese, and any other animals she encountered. She had names for many of them, and could tell you a lot about them. She cared deeply for the wildlife at the lake, and was passionate about animal rights, the environment, preservation and politics. She was also an avid fan of all LSU Tiger sports. After having moved to Addis, LA over 30 years ago, she and her husband promptly re-named the place “Spam Corners”. Michell was truly a remarkable lady, fiercely eccentric, and touched many people’s lives. Following her wish to be cremated, a memorial service will be held at the Capitol Lake near the Court of Appeals on Saturday, December 6th at 1:00 pm. In lieu of flowers, it is asked that memorial donations be made to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, Project Purr, Greenpeace, Southern Poverty Law Center, or other similar organizations.

On the upper right of this blog, under “Recent Posts”, are additional links to the name of each of the cats who need homes with photographs and descriptions.


Miss Emily

Miss Emily

This is Miss Emily, a female cat approximately fourteen years old.  She came to Michell’s house as a kitten who somebody dumped in front of her house.  She is the matriarch of the household and doesn’t let you forget it.  She is a bit on the smallish side, but that doesn’t matter one bit to her.  Her word is law.  She loves to be petted and scratched on the chin, and loves it when you pick her up and hold her.  She also is quite partial to sleeping with you (or on top of you, or under the covers, whatever her preference is that day).  I think she’d do okay around dogs that aren’t too hyper.  She doesn’t mind sharing a room with Lucy, but I’d be cautious introducing her to a new cat.

If you adopt Miss Emily, you MUST agree to keep her as an indoors-only cat.



This is Lucy, a female cat approximately ten years old.  She was rescued about ten years ago as a kitten with her brother, Linus. They were in a wooded area near the Capitol.  Michell and I rescued them and they found a home in Michell’s house.  Sadly, Linus passed away about 1 1/2 years ago.  Lucy loves her heated throw and loves to get on top of you when you lay down with her.  She also loves to be petted and to have her belly rubbed.  She’ll pointedly do a “power flop” on her back in front of you to let you know she wants her belly rubbed.  She seems to do okay around dogs.  Lucy doesn’t mind sharing a room with Miss Emily, but I’d be cautious introducing her to new cat.

If you adopt Lucy, you MUST agree to keep her as an indoors-only cat.



This is Colette, a female cat approximately eight years old.  In 2006, Michell and I were on foot on the curvy road by the lake near the Capitol.  We heard meowing coming from a bush.  Colette was deep inside the bush, scared and crying.  Michell managed to pull her out.  She put some food on her hand to feed her and Colette bit Michell’s hand eating because she was so hungry.  Her face looked funny, and when we took her to the vet, he said it looked like someone held her head close enough to a fire to burn her fur.  Her eyes showed some scarring on the cornea, he said, but it didn’t look like her vision was affected.  She was severely underweight, but otherwise in good health.  Michell took her home and she recovered and grew into a beautiful cat.  She’s a little bit on the small side, but makes up for it in how much she loves people.  She talks and talks and loves to be petted and scratched, and also loves to play chase with her adopted brother, Tinkertoy. She also loves to have her belly rubbed.  She’s been spayed and doesn’t really have an opinion one way or another about dogs.  I think she’d get along with a new cat, too. However, as with introducing any new cat to a household, I’d be cautious and take it slow.

If you adopt Colette, you MUST agree to keep her as an indoors-only cat.



This is Mazie, a neutered male cat approximately nine years old.  He is a gray, long-haired cat with a beautiful, plumed tail.  He is sweet and purrs loudly when petted.  He loves to be close to you and will wind around your legs to demand attention.  When he’s not being petted (or asking to be petted) he loves to perch on high places or on his heated throw, or best of all, on his heated throw on a high place.  He loves to scratch and play on his circle toy with cardboard scratcher in the middle and a ball that goes around in a track. Mazie seems to tolerate dogs and gets along well with Pankie and Sammie. He’d probably do okay in a household with dogs and cats, but as with any new cat, it is best to be cautious and take it slow.

If you adopt Mazie, you MUST agree to keep him as an indoors-only cat.

Pankie and Sammie

Sammie   Pankie

This is Sammie (pink blanket)                                   This is Pankie

These two must be adopted together and stay together for life.

Pankie and Sammie are two female cats approximately ten years old.  They are sisters, and were rescued about ten years ago as two-week old kittens.  They were part of a litter of five that were abandoned.  Sadly, one kitten died.  We bottle-fed the four and they grew up into three beautiful black long-haired cats and one gray cat. Two were adopted out by a lovely family, leaving Sammie and Pankie.  They are sweet, loving cats.  Pankie loves to sit in your lap and will climb on your shoulder, giving you a wonderful “kitty stoal”. Sammie loves to be petted and scratched, loves to talk and had a wonderful two-syllable “ma – rowr” voice.  If you sit down on the floor, Sammie likes to curl up next to your leg.  They love to play chase with each other and also play “ambush/pounce” on each other, too. They seem to be tolerant and curious of dogs, and get along well with Mazie.  I’m not sure how they’d like other cats, so if there is another cat in the household, I’d take it slow.

If you adopt Pankie and Sammie, you MUST agree to keep them as indoors-only cats.