This is Colette, a female cat approximately eight years old.  In 2006, Michell and I were on foot on the curvy road by the lake near the Capitol.  We heard meowing coming from a bush.  Colette was deep inside the bush, scared and crying.  Michell managed to pull her out.  She put some food on her hand to feed her and Colette bit Michell’s hand eating because she was so hungry.  Her face looked funny, and when we took her to the vet, he said it looked like someone held her head close enough to a fire to burn her fur.  Her eyes showed some scarring on the cornea, he said, but it didn’t look like her vision was affected.  She was severely underweight, but otherwise in good health.  Michell took her home and she recovered and grew into a beautiful cat.  She’s a little bit on the small side, but makes up for it in how much she loves people.  She talks and talks and loves to be petted and scratched, and also loves to play chase with her adopted brother, Tinkertoy. She also loves to have her belly rubbed.  She’s been spayed and doesn’t really have an opinion one way or another about dogs.  I think she’d get along with a new cat, too. However, as with introducing any new cat to a household, I’d be cautious and take it slow.

If you adopt Colette, you MUST agree to keep her as an indoors-only cat.


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