This is Mazie, a neutered male cat approximately nine years old.  He is a gray, long-haired cat with a beautiful, plumed tail.  He is sweet and purrs loudly when petted.  He loves to be close to you and will wind around your legs to demand attention.  When he’s not being petted (or asking to be petted) he loves to perch on high places or on his heated throw, or best of all, on his heated throw on a high place.  He loves to scratch and play on his circle toy with cardboard scratcher in the middle and a ball that goes around in a track. Mazie seems to tolerate dogs and gets along well with Pankie and Sammie. He’d probably do okay in a household with dogs and cats, but as with any new cat, it is best to be cautious and take it slow.

If you adopt Mazie, you MUST agree to keep him as an indoors-only cat.


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