Pankie and Sammie

Sammie   Pankie

This is Sammie (pink blanket)                                   This is Pankie

These two must be adopted together and stay together for life.

Pankie and Sammie are two female cats approximately ten years old.  They are sisters, and were rescued about ten years ago as two-week old kittens.  They were part of a litter of five that were abandoned.  Sadly, one kitten died.  We bottle-fed the four and they grew up into three beautiful black long-haired cats and one gray cat. Two were adopted out by a lovely family, leaving Sammie and Pankie.  They are sweet, loving cats.  Pankie loves to sit in your lap and will climb on your shoulder, giving you a wonderful “kitty stoal”. Sammie loves to be petted and scratched, loves to talk and had a wonderful two-syllable “ma – rowr” voice.  If you sit down on the floor, Sammie likes to curl up next to your leg.  They love to play chase with each other and also play “ambush/pounce” on each other, too. They seem to be tolerant and curious of dogs, and get along well with Mazie.  I’m not sure how they’d like other cats, so if there is another cat in the household, I’d take it slow.

If you adopt Pankie and Sammie, you MUST agree to keep them as indoors-only cats.


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